MongoDB for PHP Developers

Getting started with MongoDB and PHP

This is a hands-on introduction to MongoDB for PHP developers. This 1 day training covers the basic concepts of MongoDB, communicating to MongoDB via the Mongo Console and PHP MongoDB drivers, schema design, performance and Doctrine ODM.

Training topics

  • Introduction to MongoDB (1h)
    • What is MongoDB and where does it stand in the noSQL landscape
    • Differences with a relational database approach
    • J/BSON and JSON in Depth
    • Installation of MongoDB and some helpful tools for managing and operating the server
    • Mongo Shell usage, with examples
    • Schemaless design, through the shell
  • Basic usage (2h)
    • Inserting data, things to keep in mind
    • Querying what's in the database & the use of criteria and cursors
    • Updating & removing selected documents
    • Exploring The Mongo PHP extension, talk to Mongo with PHP
  • Schema design (2h)
    • Denormalization revisited, some considerations to keep in mind
    • Embedding and the impact on relations with contstaints and the use of transactions
    • Different kinds of Indexes explained
    • Mongo PHP extension and Indexes
  • Doctrine ODM (2h)
    • Mapping data to PHP classes: modelling and persistence
    • CRUD operations with ODM
    • Querying with the Doctrine ODM