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Improving performance by avoiding LIMIT in large data sets

When you want to use pagination on your site or fetch slices of your data set to process, you probably will look at LIMIT to do the trick. This works, but has some drawbacks once you are a couple of hundred pages in. ... Read more

Blackfire: first impressions

Last week the team got a Blackfire.io demo from Fabien Potencier. Now that we've had time to play with it ourselves, here are some first impressions... ... Read more

Mock functions in your unit tests

Complete unit test coverage says nothing about your code. But once you're actually trying to cover all your code paths, it can be quite frustrating ... ... Read more

Connection errors after upgrading to Doctrine DBAL 2.5

We recently updated all our dependencies in a Symfony project, and for some reason our Jenkins build started failing. ... Read more

Get your Form validation and error messages translated in ZF2.2

I've lost quite some time with setting up i18n on my zf2.2 project, especially for form validation and error message ... Read more

PHP 5.4 - What's new?

PHP 5.4 will be stable soon. In this post I'll try to give you an overview and examples of the new PHP 5.4 features. ... Read more

Using Complex Type with Zend_Soap

To be able to use complex types with Soap requests, they need to be fully defined in the WSDL file. Zend_Soap can ... Read more

Introduction to Sass

Sass, or Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets, promises us to rid us from annoyances over CSS. And it delivers! ... Read more

Catch Firebird events with Node.js

In this post, I'll try to explain how you can use Node.js to catch events on Firebird. Although Microsoft announced ... Read more

A first attempt at the PHP Excel extension

We needed a somewhat more advanced Excel file generation toolset for one of our customers and decided to take Ilia ... Read more